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    Can I cancel an order on-line that I have already submitted from the Print Shop Pro web site?

       No, once a print order or store order has been submitted, you cannot cancel the order from the Print Shop Pro web interface. If you need to cancel a submitted order, please contact the central Print Shop at 909-384-4313 right away so we can cancel it before it moves into production.


           How do I re-submit a print order for a job that I periodically need? 

     Simply log-in and click on the “Order History” tab at the top of the

           home page. You will see a list of jobs that you have previously submitted. At the top of the screen is an “Order Filter” that will

           allow you to narrow your search to specific job(s) you are interested in. Once you find the job you wish to re-submit, click

           on “View” on the right side of the form. Next click on the “Copy Order” button at the top left of the form. Make whatever revisions or changes necessary (Quantity, Paper, Bindery, etc). Once revisions have been made, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the form. Review the print order and click on the “Submit Order” button. You may also either click on “Save Order” to save the orders as a “Quote Only”, or click on the “Cancel Order” button to delete the order prior to submission.


           Can I re-submit a job (as described above) and delete files that were attached while attaching new “Replacement” files?

     The system does not currently support deleting attached files and re-attaching new files. We are exploring this possibility with the software vendor and will notify staff if this option is added in the future.


    .      How do I check on the status of orders that I have submitted?

      Log-in and click on the “Order Status” tab at the top of the home

           page. This will provide information on all orders you have submitted that have not been completed. To look at all orders, just return to the Home page and click on the “Order History” tab at the top of the screen. Completed orders can be viewed here. Also, orders that have been saved as “Quote Only” can be edited and submitted from this screen.


           How can I see printing charges that have been made to my Building or Department account(s) for the month and fiscal year?

     Log-in and click on the “View Reports” tab at the top of the home page. Click on the “Sales by Account” tab or the “Account Report” button. By default, you will be shown the current “Month to Date” information. You may also select the FY tab at the top of the form to review information for the entire current fiscal year.


    Yes, every job (with exceptions) will recieve a proof before it goes to print.

    Each person submitting a job is responsible for proofreading and approving their own materials. Should there be any further corrections and/or changes, a second proof will be automatically provided. The job will not be printed until an approval to print from the client is recieved. We ask that proofs be returned within 2 (two) working days in order to stay within the 10 day project schedule. For every day delayed in returning a proof, the previously agreed print schedule will be extended by one day.

    Projects are subject to the following general priority standards:

        Priority 1:    Registration materials, forms, signs, announcements, and 
                             class schedules.

        Priority 2:    Instructional materials, outlines, worksheets, tests, course 
                             exercises, special supplementary materials.

        Priority 3:    Critical dated material (including annual reports and 
                             newsletters), personnel announcements, Board materials, 
                             specialized forms, charts or graphs, and approved 
                             recruiting information.

        Priority 4:    Miscellaneous materials, general brochures, posters, 
                             business cards, and flyers.



    1. What exactly is quick copy?

            Quick copy is black & white, fast turn-around printing.


    1. How fast can I get my Job?

    We work on a first-come first-serve basis and can usually have it ready within a day, although it is highly recommended to request at least a 3 day turnaround to accommodate high volume work.


    1. Is color printing quick copy?

    No. Quick copy is black & white only although it can be printed on multi colored paper. No color ink is used in Quick copy.


    1. What does collate mean?
    2. Collate: to gather or arrange in their proper sequence.


    1. What is back to back?

            Back to Back is to print on both sides of the paper ( double-side).


    1. What type of paper is offered in Quick copy?

    We print on many different types but we mainly use Bond in multi colors ( white, green,             blue, pink, canary, tan, cream, lilac, gray and gold. )


    1. Can quick copy edit my work?

     No, we have the graphics specialist work on that to your liking.


    1. Can you print from a flash drive?



    1. Can you print pictures?

      Although it is not recommended since the finished product will be in black ink only , it     can be done.


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