Printing Services Guidelines

Guidelines and General Information
The Printing Services Department provides the following services to District-funded operations: quick copy, graphic design, offset printing, bindery, color copies, laminating and wide format printing (max. 36" wide). Chartered student body activities and categorical funded programs also have access to the previously listed services. These organizations must first submit a purchase order form to Print Services to reimburse the costs of services rendered. See Administrative Regulation No. 3715.

More complicated jobs involving graphics require a scheduled meeting and should be arranged with Printing Services, x4313. At that time dates and printing timelines will be administered.

Printing services operates on a first come first served basis and schedules jobs accordingly, with the exception of projects and dated materials that fall within the "printing services priorities" list.

Printing Services Priorities

  1. Registration Materials - enrollment information, class schedules, registration forms, etc.
  2. Instructional Material - syllabuses, worksheets, test forms.
  3. Critical Dated Material - personnel announcements, Board of Trustees materials, specialized forms, charts or graphs, and approved recruiting information.
  4. Miscellaneous Materials - general brochures, posters, newsletters, business cards, flyers, etc.

Scheduling Projects
The design and printing process takes time, at least ten working days are needed for average print and graphic jobs (except quick copy). Major projects such as registration material and critical dated material are priorities. Prior arrangements must be made for extensive projects such as: booklets and large quantities. Projects will NOT be scheduled until ALL copy and materials have been submitted to the Printing Services Department.

Paper Usage
Multiple cases of paper will be issued only after a detailed explanation of the proposed use is provided. Contact the Printing Services Supervisor for assistance on such requests. Colored paper will NOT be issued for use in copiers or desktop printers.

Contract Printing
Printing Services has the first right of refusal. Outside vendors will be used only when Printing Services cannot accomplish the work required. The Printing Services Supervisor must authorize such contracted work. See Administrative Regulation No. 3715.

Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards
Design of letterheads, envelopes and business cards have a standard design to each campus and district. Requests need to be approved by the SBCCD Board of Trustees.

Business Cards
Business cards have a standard design to each campus and district. They are available to all contract employees.

Greeting Cards
Holiday greeting cards or other such material will NOT be printed or reproduced.

Bulk Mailing
Printing Services cannot print bulk mail flyers or envelopes without the approval of the responsibility center manager or his/her designee.

Legislative Compliance
Government Code Sections 7525, 7526, 7527, and 7530 require that letterhead, stationary, and identification cards be identified as representing a public agency, public entity, district, city, county, or city and county.

Copyright Laws
The reproduction or printing of all copyrighted material will be done in strict compliance with appropriate laws. See Administrative Regulation No. 3715. For more information on copyright laws, go to the Library of Congress website: 

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